Step 1: From the ‘Master Data’ menu, click the link ‘Add Investigation/ Groups’

Step 2: A dialog box is displayed, select ‘Group’ and click ‘Ok’

Step 3: In the screen displayed, select the tab ‘Add Group’

Step 4: In the list box on the right, namely ‘Group Mapped to Lab’, locate the group to which you want to add investigations. Alternately, you can search for the group by typing a few letters present in the group name in the Group Mapped to Lab box and click ‘Search’. All groups whose names match the letters you typed are displayed in the list box. Locate the group to which you want to add investigations

Step 5: Click the ‘Show’ link near the name of the group. A screen is displayed

Step 6: From the list on the left namely ‘Master Investigation’, locate and select the investigations you want to add to the selected group. You can display a limited list of investigations by typing a few letters of the name of the investigation in the Unmapped Investigation box and clicking ‘Search’

Step 7: Click ‘Add’

Step 8: The selected investigations are added to the group. They are now displayed in the list on the right