Step 1: Enter Username and Password

Step 2: Login as Receptionist

Step 3: Go to ‘Common Tasks’

Step 4: Click on ‘Quick Billing’

Step 5: Select visit type as ‘OP’

Step 6: Enter details of the patient. Select ‘Visit Purpose’

Step 7: Select the ‘Consultation’ or ‘Investigation’ or ‘Procedures’. Search items from search text. i.e. Consultation Fee/ Investigation Name/ Procedure Name

Step 8: Click on ‘Add’

Step 9: Select the payment mode – ‘Cash/ Credit card/ Cheque/ DD’ and enter the amount that to be collected, and click on ‘Add’.

Step 10: Click on ‘Generate Bill’

Step 11: On generating the bill, click on ‘Print’ to print the bill and MRD